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Review of “Whatever After: Fairest of All”

Whatever After: Fairest of All
By Sarah Mlynowski
Published by Scholastic Inc.
192 pages

When Abby and Jonah move in to their new house, Jonah starts exploring in the basement. When Jonah accidentally knocked on the mirror in the basement at midnight he discovered something strange and wakes up his sister. When Jonah knocks on the mirror again, this time it magically transferred both Abby and Jonah to a strange land. As they begin to explore and look for a way home, they have a series of adventures that make them realize that they are inside the fairy tale of Snow White! During their adventures, they stopped Snow from eating the poisoned apple. Hooray! But then they realized if Snow doesn’t eat the poisoned apple and die, she wouldn’t get her happily ever after. Now it’s up to Abby and Jonah to fix the story, and also find a way back home before their parents wake up.

I like the way the author develops the character, especially Abby.  I like the way she takes care of her little brother, Jonah, decides how to fix the stories, and helps make a happily ever after for Snow. My favorite part is when Snow becomes queen and marries the prince and the evil stepmother queen goes to the dungeons.  I also like when they meet the seven dwarfs who are not the ones we are familiar with (Did you know that in the original version of Snow White, the Brothers Grimm didn’t give the seven dwarfs any names!? The dwarfs have different names in different versions of the story. You can find some of them here:

This book is the first in a series that so far has five books, but more are expected. I think girls who are around 9 years old and like fairy tales and adventure will really enjoy this funny book.


Review of “Ever After High: The Story Book of Legends”

Ever After High: The Story Book of LegendsEver_After_High-The_Story_Book_of_Legends
By Shannon Hale
Published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
320 pages

Raven Queen is destined to be the next evil queen in the Snow White story. Snow White’s daughter, Apple White, is excited to be the next Snow White in her story. Each year on Legacy day, students at Ever After High sign a pledge in the story book of legends to follow in the footsteps of their parents. But Raven does not want to be evil, that’s for sure. Everyone believes if you refuse to sign, you and your story go poof! But Raven doesn’t believe it and wants to know what really happens if you refuse.

I like this book because the characters are only in high-school. And the different fairy tales keep repeating with each generation of Snow White, Cinderella etc. But the different characters make the stories a little different in each generation. My favorite character is Raven because she stands up for herself when she doesn’t want to follow her destiny, and when she is only six she realizes she doesn’t want to be evil. My favorite part of this book is when she refuses to sign the book, but doesn’t go poof, yet. This book is the first in a series of three books. However, there are also lots of related books by the same author about other characters who go to Ever After High. I recommend this book to girls ages 8 and 9.


Review of “The Doll People”

The Doll PeopleThe_Doll_People_cover
By Ann M. Martin & Laura Godwin
Pictures by Brian Selznick
Published by Hyperion books for children
256 pages

Annabel Doll is an eight year old porcelain doll living with her family in their doll house on a desk in Kate Palmer’s room at 26 Wetherby Lane.  She has been eight for over one hundred years. Annabel’s family used to be a family of eight, but forty-five years ago Auntie Sarah, Annabel’s aunt, went missing. Annabel’s family is the only living doll family on 26 Wetherby Lane, until the Funcrafts, a family of plastic dolls, move in. Soon after, Tiffany Funcraft becomes Annabel’s best friend and the two go on fun adventures through the Palmer’s house.

I like this book because it’s about two doll girls, and they go on adventures. I also think this book has good writing in it. My favorite part is when they find Auntie Sarah, but I won’t tell you where. I also like the part when Annabel, her brother and her uncle find the Funcrafts in their box because it comes as a surprise that other doll live in the house. My favorite character is Tiffany because she is creative and full of ideas, and always wants to go on an adventure. This book is the first in a short series of three books. I recommend this book to girl’s ages 8-10.


Review of “The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows”

The Books of Elsewhere: The ShadowsThe_Books_of_Elsewhere-The_Shadows
By Jacqueline West
Published by Puffin books
241 pages

Eleven year old Olive Dunwoody’s family moves into the old stone house on Linden Street. With the help of three magical cats Olive learns that the previous owners of the house, the McMartins, where evil witches, and the last of the McMartins had died. The McMartins, however, were still around. Well, sort of. Their shadows were stuck in living paintings. Using a pair of magical spectacles, Olive enters the paintings where she has numerous adventures. In her first painting she meets a new friend, Morten, a nine-year-old who has been stuck in the painting for a thousand years. During  her adventures, she learns that the McMartins want their house back, and will do almost anything to get it back!

I like this book because it has dangerous magic in it. Although the main character isn’t magical, she has friends that are.  My favorite character other than Olive is Harvey, the crazy cat who always thinks he’s Robin Hood or Captain Black Paw, or one of a bunch of other characters. My favorite part is at the end when Olive defeats Aldus McMartin, the most evil McMartin, but I can’t tell you how. I think that girls who like the Harry Potter series will also like this series because it has magic, kids, and evil witches, but the lead character is a girl.

This book is the first in a series of five books. I recommend reading this series in order because each book builds on what Olive learns in the last book. I recommend this book to girl’s ages 9-10.


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