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Original Story “A New Home for Cookie”


Hi everyone! This month, instead of a book review, I have something different! I have an original short story! I decided to change it up because I thought it would be fun. So here it is!

A New Home for Cookie

By Phoebe Eckstein

W-w-where am I? It looks like a big shelf, but not like the one in Lidia’s room. How did I get here? It’s kind of cramped with toys, furniture, and- and all sorts of pots and pans. It’s really dusty. What is it all doing here? And why am I here? I was in a bag, and then I was suddenly here. Oh, Lidia! I miss you so much!

I remember when I first came to you. You were four years old. I was your new best friend, fresh from the toy store. You so loved my short, furry chocolate brown fur, big black eyes, and chubby face. I guess I still look pretty much the same, except for my left ear, which Mama sewed back on after the cat tried to play with me. You always took such great care of me. Now I also have that sky blue ribbon that you gave me all those years ago around my neck. Hanging from my ribbon is the small cardboard tag that says ‘COOKIE’. You wrote that in your best handwriting when you were six. Oh, I miss you Lidia …

We had so much fun playing together, and you always took me everywhere with you. Do you remember the times we made pillow forts on the couch? I was Captain Cookie and you were Marshall Lidia. We had to protect the fort from the evil Sorcerer Whiskers and the dangerous Pirate Coco. I know I was such a lucky bear to have someone like you, someone who cared for me so well. But what happened? It was soon after your fourteenth birthday, I remember you and Mama talking about me going to Charity. But, you never told me who Charity was. Will she come to get me?

Oh, wait! Someone’s coming. He doesn’t look like Papa. Papa always wore ironed collared shirts. This man is wearing an old gray T-shirt. Maybe he’s Charity? He’s picking me up! Wait, what happened? I can’t see! Oh no! I’m in a bag again. I don’t think I like bags very much.

I wonder where we’re going? Oh, what’s going to happen to me?  Where is Charity taking me? I hope I’m going back to Lidia. I miss her so much. Why did she send me to Charity? Did I do something wrong? Oh Lidia…

Hey, we stopped! What’s going on? Where am I? Look! There’s a tiny tear in the bag. I can see a room. I think it’s a little house. There’s a small bed in the living room, next to the kitchen. But there’s not much furniture here. It looks as if there’s only one window.

Someone’s saying something. They’re yelling for someone called Alison to look in a bag. Oh my! I hear running footsteps. Someone’s lifting me out of the bag. Ah! It’s a little girl, about the same age as Lidia was when I came to her. But she doesn’t look like Lidia. She has shiny, dark brown ringlets, much darker than Lidia’s hair, big brown eyes, and a cute button nose. She is wearing a simple lilac dress that doesn’t look like anything Lidia would have worn. But I like it. And look! She has dimples! I love dimples!

Oh! She squealed just like Lidia did when I first came to her. She must be Charity. She’s hugging me tight. It feels so good to be hugged again.

Wait! Someone just told Alison to go play outside. Maybe this girl isn’t Charity. This must be Alison! Well, that’s okay. I know I’m going to like my new home.

But I wonder what happened to Charity?