Review of “Little House in the Big Woods”

Little House in the Big Woods
By Laura Ingalls Wilder
Illustrated by Garth Williams
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishing
Pages: 256pice

This book is the first in a very famous series of books called The Little House Series, also known as The Little House on the Prairie, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It is about the life of a young girl named Laura, who is about 6 years old and lives in a forest in Wisconsin with her family in the late 1870’s. Back then, kids did not have TVs, computers, or many the things we have now. Other than rag dolls that most girls had, there were not many toys. So they played outside and ran around. I don’t think I could play like that all the time, but then again, they have always played like that since they were babies.

Laura lives in a small log house with her mother and father, and her older sister Mary, and baby sister Carrie, and their dog, Jack. Every day her father, Pa, goes into the woods to hunt animals for meat and their skins. Then he goes to town to trade the skins for fabrics and store food. Because all the animals go into hibernation in the winter, Pa is not able to get fresh meat. So when winter gets closer they must store all the meat in the little house and attic.

I like this book because it helps me learn about life in the 1870’s. Sometimes Laura’s dad says “This is a great age we’re living in.” And I can’t help but wondering what he would think about this age in the 2010’s. I think he would want to know how we came up with all of these neat machines we have, like the washer and dryer, or the cell phone.

One of my favorite parts in the story is Christmas, because Laura and Mary’s Uncle, Aunt and cousins come over to Laura’s house and it was very joyful. I also like the dance at Grandpa and Grandma’s house because all of the family comes over. It reminds me of the holidays when all my family gets together.

The next book in this series is about how Laura’s family moves out of the big woods to a life on the prairie. They have no house on the prairie, so Pa actually has to build their house!

If you are interested in learning more about the Little House series, check out this site.

This book is a great book for girls ages 8-12.


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