Review of “The Doll People”

The Doll PeopleThe_Doll_People_cover
By Ann M. Martin & Laura Godwin
Pictures by Brian Selznick
Published by Hyperion books for children
256 pages

Annabel Doll is an eight year old porcelain doll living with her family in their doll house on a desk in Kate Palmer’s room at 26 Wetherby Lane.  She has been eight for over one hundred years. Annabel’s family used to be a family of eight, but forty-five years ago Auntie Sarah, Annabel’s aunt, went missing. Annabel’s family is the only living doll family on 26 Wetherby Lane, until the Funcrafts, a family of plastic dolls, move in. Soon after, Tiffany Funcraft becomes Annabel’s best friend and the two go on fun adventures through the Palmer’s house.

I like this book because it’s about two doll girls, and they go on adventures. I also think this book has good writing in it. My favorite part is when they find Auntie Sarah, but I won’t tell you where. I also like the part when Annabel, her brother and her uncle find the Funcrafts in their box because it comes as a surprise that other doll live in the house. My favorite character is Tiffany because she is creative and full of ideas, and always wants to go on an adventure. This book is the first in a short series of three books. I recommend this book to girl’s ages 8-10.


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