Review of “The Ever Afters: Of Giants and Ice”

The Ever Afters: Of Giants and Iceof_giants_and_ice_pic
By: Shelby Bach
Published by: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Pages: 368 

Although this book has a similar title to another book I   reviewed, called Ever After High, it is a totally different book by a different author.

This book is about a 6th grader who discovers that fairy tales are actually real.  Rory Landon had always been under the shadow of her parents, a movie director and a Hollywood actor. Until one day in 6th grade she goes to the most extraordinary after-school program, where fairy tales aren’t just tales. Now destined to be a star of a fairy tale, she will step out of her parents’ shadow. Pretty soon she is climbing a bean stock, just like the fairy tale “Jack and the Bean Stock”. Up in the giant’s house she and her friends Lena and Chase fight baby dragons and a few unexpected intruders. Once, they even take a portal to the Snow Queen’s castle. The Snow Queen is one of the most dangerous and evil people in the world. In the castle they are chase by the guards, and have to get back to the portal quickly.

One of my favorite characters is Rapunzel. I like her because she is a good person but she is also different. She is very mysterious and whenever she says something, she says it in a strange way, and no one quite understands what she means until later in the story. One of my favorite parts is when Chase and Rory start agreeing with each other, since at the beginning of the story they don’t quite get along as friends.

I really like this book. There are two worlds, the normal world and the fairy tale world. It is a little like another book I reviewed, called Whatever After. But unlike Whatever After where the fairy tale world is a different dimension that the kids take a portal to, in this book the two worlds co-exist. I like this book the same as Whatever After, but that had more humor while Giants and Ice had more action.

I recommend this book to kids 8-10 who like fairy tales and adventure.


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  1. Phoebe, this was a very good, professional review of the book. Enjoyed reading it. You mentioned that you liked Rapunzel because she was good but also different. I wonder in which way was she different and what attracted you to her character. Just am curious…..

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