Review of “The Familiars”

The FamiliarsThe_Familiars_cover
By Adam Jay Epstein & Andrew Jacobson
Published By HarperCollinsPublishers
384 pages 

Aldwyn, an ally cat, runs into a pet store when being chased by hired mercenary. He soon realizes it’s a store for magical pets, or Familiars as they are called, which are wizard companions. Soon after, Jack, a young wizard, comes in to the store, buys Aldwyn and takes him back to the cottage where lives. There Aldwyn meets two real familiars, Skylar a blue jay, and Gilbert a tree frog. Gilbert and Skylar both think that Aldwyn is a familiar, but Aldwyn secretly knows he isn’t. When the queen takes Jack and his friends hostage, it’s time for Aldwyn and his friends to save them. Will Aldwyn friends realize he’s not a familiar? Or, is there about Aldwyn that even Aldwyn doesn’t know?

I like this book because Aldwyn is brave enough to go on dangerous magical adventure, even though he’s sure he’s not magical. From all of the characters, I especially like Gilbert because he says funny things like “you can call me Gill or Bert but Gilbert is just fine also.” In addition, I like how the main characters are animals and the heroes of the story, rather than the humans. Animals do things in their own way, not the way humans do. This is different from most of the books I’ve read so far. It was an interesting way for the authors to write the story. I think they did a good job because no one knows what really goes on in an animal’s brain.

The book is the first in a four-book series. Kids (including boys!) who are about 8-10 will enjoy this book.


2 thoughts on “Review of “The Familiars”

  1. Phoebe, I love this review. I think I am going to read this book if I find it in our library.
    I like your observation that “no one knows what really goes on in an animal’s brain”. Sometimes I wish I could read their minds and know what they are thinking. Your father had a dog named Mischa and I felt that they understood each other exceptionally well. Ask him if he knew Mischa’s mind?

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