Review of “The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid”

The Kane Chronicles, book one: The Red Pyramid
The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid
By Rick Riordan
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Pages 544

Carter and Sadie Kane are two kids who need to save the world from an evil Egyptian god. Sounds exciting? It is! This book is kind of an Egyptian mythology version of Percy Jackson; after all, they are both written by the same author!

The story starts when Carter and Sadie’s dad takes them to an Egyptian museum. At the museum he accidentally blows up the Rosetta Stone and releases five Egyptian gods from the duat (a kind of parallel universe). One of those gods happens to be Set, the god of evil who plans to destroy civilization. Sometime during the commotion, Set sucks their father into the floor, and that’s when Carter and Sadie’s lives get really interesting.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you – when the story begins Sadie is living in London with her grandparents, while Carter travels the world with their father. Why is this important? Imagine trying to save the world with someone who you don’t really know and only see for the holidays. But that’s just what Carter and Sadie have to do – get along and save the world. Even though I see my brother every day, I don’t think we could save the world together – he never listens to me!

Carter and Sadie don’t always get along either. But they do enough to realize that they have to do something, especially when their dad disappears. After they go back to their grandparent’s house and find their long lost uncle Amos at the door, Amos tells them that they are actually quite powerful magicians and only they can destroy Set. How is that for excitement?

Although the book is somewhat similar to the Percy Jackson books, it is not quite the same. Rick Riordan gives us a totally new plot with new characters. Also, in the Percy Jackson series, the main characters are children of the gods, while in this series, the characters are magicians who know how to summon the gods.

One of my favorite characters is Zia, a magician from the 1st nome (nomes are like schools for magic). I think she’s really smart. But she’s also unique and mysterious. And she isn’t easily frightened or freaked out.

This book is the first in the Kane Chronicles trilogy. Anyone aged 9-13 (including boys) who liked the Percy Jackson books should like this series.


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  1. Phoebe,
    I liked your review of this book! I must now to get it and read it too. It sounds interesting and exciting. I wonder only how will I deal with the parallel universes concept. It is abstract and hard to imagine. But I will try…..

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